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Computer Repair Services In Malad is a nationwide network of technicians who strive to provide premium quality computer repair and support services to homes and businesses all across Mumbai. We can fix your computer by sending one of our qualified technicians, or we can also access your computer via the internet, and fix it remotely.

A virus can hit your computer unexpectedly, and at the most inopportune time. One wrong click could cripple your entire system or network. If you are in a crunch, we can help you get things back up and running quickly with extensive PC repair service. Depending on your issue, we can either send someone to check out your computer or set up an online remote session. In many cases, we can dispatch one of our experienced technicians to your site within a day, and have everything working in just a few hours!



As a Managed Services Provider, computer monitors and manages your IT setup for optimum performance.

Computer Repair Services In Malad
Computer Repair Shop Near Me

Setup &


Confused and frustrated with device setup & installation? Leave it to the experts, which means all you’ve to do is sit back & relax.



You won’t believe it’s the same old computer. Your system will work like it did on the day you bought it! No kidding!



The one-stop comprehensive diagnostic & repair station for your computer and connected devices. Well, fix anything!



Expert tech support to set up your home or business networks, connect to the Internet and manage servers.



Online threats, viruses, hackers! Isn’t your head spinning already? We will take care of optimizing your security infrastructure.

Usability Training

Need help to understand how to make the best use of a software application? Just contact us for expert guidance.

Our technicians possess a minimum of 15 years experience with computer repair services, as well as numerous industry certifications from companies like CompTIA, Microsoft, and Cisco. We work with both PC and Mac, and even let you monitor our progress as we go along. Computer Repair Services In Malad offers affordable pricing, with plans starting at $24.95 a month, as well as competitive one-time rates.

Are you new in Mumbai and in need to get your computer suffering from some technical faults repair? With so many options in Mumbai city, it might sound puzzling for you when it comes to deciding where to take your computer for service.

No need to waste your time in search of a tech service provider. Simply give us a call and get your appointment fixed with our highly skilled and experienced engineer for instant tech support at the comfort of your home or office. Computer Repair Service In Malad provides you the fastest and cost-efficient on-site computer repair near my city In Mumbai. The localities where in Mumbai reaches to provide great tech solutions.

All you need to do is, just give us a call on our toll-free number 959-442-3645 and mention the zip code of your locality in Mumbai. Our service engineer will visit your home or office at the time specified by you. Our team of certified and experienced computer repair engineers ensures you get the best service possible.

Computer Repair In Malad

Computer Repair in Malad offers a comprehensive suite of service offerings, including diagnosis and repair, installation and maintenance services for multiple devices, software applications, and other products, including PCs, digital cameras, MP3 players, printers, etc. Along with this, Computer Repair also provides support to technical issues related to your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Computer Repair’s on-site computer troubleshooting service in Mumbai covers tech services for all major brands including  Apple, Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, Dell, and many more to go. So, don’t you think, Computer repair shop in Malad is a one-stop solution for all your tech worries whether it is for your computer, laptop repairing, printer, MP3player or for any other products.

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