Download Logic Pro For Windows 10/8/7 With VMware.

Logic Pro is an audio editing software many OS X users have been using for a long time, and Windows users can only dream of using it. Designed by Apple, Logic Pro For Windows provides the perfect digital audio workstation on the Windows device.

When it comes to audio mixing and editing, your initial perception is that you will need professional studio-grade equipment. However, this software’s core is a comprehensive range of features designed to provide easy audio editing.

  • What is Logic Pro?
  • Guide to Download Logic Pro for Windows 7/8/10
    • Features of Logic Pro
    • Install And Run Logic Pro For Windows PC
    • Logic Pro Alternatives for Windows
    • 1. Audacity
    • 2. LMMS
    • 3. GarageBand
    • Logic Pro FAQs
    • Can we get Logic Pro X for Windows 7?
    • How can I download Logic Pro X for free?
    • How much does Logic Pro X cost?
    • Is Logic Pro X good?
    • Is Logic Pro X available for Windows?
    • Is Logic X Pro free?

What is Logic Pro?

Logic Pro X is the most delinquent and updated performance of Logic Pro, with more advanced features and a unique UI. If you don’t have a mac, then don’t worry. This article will guide you to Download Logic Pro For Windows 10 and 8 OS. You can do this with virtual machines like Virtual Box and VMWare.

Logic Pro is developed and designed only for Apple devices. So officially, Logic Pro is not available for Windows 10. But Mac OS x Supports Intel-based computers; you can install Mac OS on Windows. So logic Pro X for Windows can be only possible with this method.

Guide to Download Logic Pro for Windows 7/8/10

So the first thing you will need is MacOS. Without MacOS, you cannot use Logic Pro. The good news is that you can install macOS on your Windows device.

Logic Pro X has terrific digital instruments, special effects, and built-in tracks.

Features of Logic Pro

  • You can record and edit MIDI files with advanced track editors.
  • It has Amp Designer that will help you to design the guitar.
  • It supports over 750 digital instruments, a Touch Bar on MacBook Pro, and 2700 effect patches.
  • You can manipulate the tempo of the record.
  • Create remix music.

Install And Run Logic Pro For Windows PC

The Logic Pro X is not officially available for Windows OS, but you can use macOS to download and use Logic Pro X on Windows machines.

Requirements for Logic Pro?

So after we made a test running this software on all operating systems for at least one month of intensive testing, we worked on :

  • Windows 7, 8, and 10 (it’s running a bit slow on Windows 7)
  • Mac OS File
  • VMware

Step 1: Download the macOS High Sierra OS file.

Once downloaded, extract the OS file.

Step 2: Download VMware from here. You can also use Virtual Machine from here. We are using a virtual box for this guide.

For this process, you have to enable BIOS Virtualization. If you don’t know how to do it, follow the process.

Step 3: Download and install VMware or Virtual Box on your Windows and open it.

Step 4: Now click on “Open a New Virtual Machine.”

Create a new machine and then enter the name of that machine.

Then select the version of macOS, which is10.13 High Siera 64bit.

You have to set the RAM size, which should be 4GB.

Tick on “Use an existing virtual hard disk file,” then click on a folder icon and click on the add icon.

Choose a .vmdk file that is downloaded and then extracted.

Then click Choose and then click on create.

Now you are good to go. Click on power on the virtual machine.

Choose the Number of processors.

  • 2 Processor
  • 2 Number of cores per processor

Now open cmd and enter these commands.

cd “C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\”

VBoxManage.exe modifyvm “Machine Name” –cpuidset 00000001 000106e5 00100800 0098e3fd bfebfbff

VBoxManage setextradata “Machine Name” “VBoxInternal/Devices/efi/0/Config/DmiSystemProduct” “iMac11,3”

VBoxManage setextradata “Machine Name” “VBoxInternal/Devices/efi/0/Config/DmiSystemVersion” “1.0”

VBoxManage setextradata “Machine Name” “VBoxInternal/Devices/efi/0/Config/DmiBoardProduct” “Iloveapple”

VBoxManage setextradata “Machine Name” “VBoxInternal/Devices/smc/0/Config/DeviceKey” “ourhardworkbythesewordsguardedpleasedontsteal(c)AppleComputerInc”

VBoxManage setextradata “Machine Name” “VBoxInternal/Devices/smc/0/Config/GetKeyFromRealSMC” 1

Replace your Machine name with “Machine Name.”

Step 9: Now, it will install macOS on your system. Follow on-screen instructions. Choose a language, and keyboard layout, Enter Apple ID, and agree to license.

Once installed, you will see a screen like this.

Step 10: Now, go to App Store and download Logic Pro X to download Logic Pro.