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The iPhone is a smartphone produced by Apple that combines a computer, iPod, digital camera, and cellular phone into one gadget with a touchscreen interface.

Apple iPhone is a series of cellphones based on the company’s proprietary operating system, iOS. The first iPhone revealed in 2007 featured a touch screen input-based user interface, camera, and multimedia playback capabilities. The cellphone was later upgraded to support internet connectivity, which has since become one of the essential impotence of the iPhone.The first-generation iPhone was obeyed by a 3G-ready iPhone 3G and a 3GS variant with improved hardware and application help. The iPhone 4 got a thin metallic chassis, a high-resolution screen, and a front-facing camera for video calls. Its promotion, the iPhone 4S, got enhanced Siri voice assistant. The iPhone 5 featured a more excellent 4-inch screen and a unique charging port. In addition, the iPhone 5S had improved hardware, and it introduced touchID in iPhone. Finally, the iPhone 5c became the most inexpensive iPhone with a lithe body.


Apple joined the big-screen smartphone type with the iPhone 6-series, which had 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screen models. The series was later exalted to 6S-series with hardware advancement and 3D pressure-sensitive touch input. At the same time, Apple also instructed the iPhone SE, which compared to the iPhone 5s but had the hardware of the 6S.

In 2016, Apple added water-resistance to its iPhone 7-series, boasting improved user experience and visual performance. In addition, apple terminated the 3.5mm audio result port in this series and presented dual rear cameras to the iPhone. The iPhone 8 series corresponded to the iPhone 7 series but had a mirror body and improved hardware. Later, the iPhone X launched alongside the iPhone 8 series, setting a precedent for future iPhones. It had a notch-screen invention, a secure face recognition module, and stainless steel chassis — features would continue in the 2018 flagships, the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max.

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From multi-touch input support to the secure face recognition ability, the iPhones have always been Apple’s first line of products to get its innovation upgrades. The iPhone 4S was the first product to get Apple’s digital personal assistant Siri, followed by iPad, iFrom multi-touch input help to the secure face recognition capability, the iPhones have ever been Apple’s first line of products to get its creation upgrades. The iPhone 4S was the first gadget to get Apple’s digital personal assistant Siri, followed by iPad, iPod, Airpods, Mac, and Apple TV. Likewise, the touchID fingerprint scanning technology was first presented in the iPhone 5s before rolling out to other gadgets. The 5s was also the sooner smartphone powered by a 64-bit processor and a gesture co-processor. The iPhones have been the first Apple products to get these powerful features and the industry-firsts in several of them.

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