Display Replacement of MacBook and Repair

Once you have an issue, either drop it in-store or call us to arrange collection through our Valet Pick up & Drop off Service.

We will diagnose your machine for free, providing you with a no-obligation quote.

Once the job and price have been agreed upon, our trained staff will get to work bringing your machine to a fully working condition.

We will always aim to get your machine back to you as quickly as possible and provide relevant updates throughout the process

Many of our services are same available day; however please get in touch first to ensure this is possible.

  • MacBook Air. M1 chip. 
  • New. MacBook Air. M2
  • New. MacBook Pro 13” 
  • MacBook Pro. 14

MacBook Full Service

Same day servicing of your MacBook. We will inspect the logic board, hard drive, and essential machine components, highlighting any present and potential future issues. The full service includes the removal of all dust and general cleaning of the machine. Book a complimentary valet MacBook pick up & drop-off service if you are located within 2 miles of our store. you visit also official sites Maple.,

We stock parts for almost all Apple MacBook’s enabling us to replace or repair Apple MacBook keyboards, trackpads and top cases using genuine Apple parts.

Screen Changes

We have various options available for MacBook screen replacements, including new, refurbished, and used.

Liquid Damage

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Liquids are your machine’s worst nightmare, and we all make mistakes. We have a high success rate, recovering devices which you otherwise may have thought could not be repaired. We use the latest technologies, including sonic cleaning and component-level repairs using schematics.

Always ensure you bring in the MacBook as soon as you can as this will increase the likeliness of reviving the machine and cause less damage to your device through corrosion. If you have any queries about this please get in touch.

keyboard Repair or Replacement

Battery Replacement

If your batteries are not holding charge or you’re getting the cursed “Service Battery” warning, we have you covered. We provide exact-day battery replacements for most machines.

Component Level Board Repairs

Component-level board repairs are our specialty. We have a fully kitted workshop using the latest techniques. We use complete board schematics so you can be sure your machine’s in safe hands.

Port Repairs or Replacement

Having problems with your USBs? Can’t you listen to music through your headphones? We can repair or replace all ports on your machine.

We can replace all internal cables to ensure the smooth operation of your device.


Is your machine slow and sluggish? This is likely due to the outdated hard drive ticking under the hood. SSDs are 3-10 times quicker than a traditional Hard Drive and can breathe life back into your machine and prolong the life of your MacBook.

RAM Upgrade

Are you looking to get more out of your workhorse? You may need additional RAM allowing more significant tasks to be carried out. Get in touch to see which machines can be upgraded and how.

Software Problems

Buggy operating systems and software can be a significant hindrance. They can be a main cause of the ‘Spinning Wheel’. Bring your machine in and we will assess your software with a free diagnosis.

Data Recovery

We can recover data from most failing Hard drives in-house using the latest software, including deleted files and lost data. If your machine is broken and you need your data, we have you covered.

All MacBook repairs come standard with a 1-year warranty.

Book a Service

Revive from the inside out

We offer a full range of MacBook performance upgrades available for Apple Laptop models from 2008 until now. From replacing tired cables to installing new SSD Drives and RAM upgrades. We can get your machine performing well again.

Upgrade your MacBook

Is your machine slow and sluggish? This is likely due to the old, outdated Hard Drive ticking away under the hood of your laptop. SSDs are 3 to 10 times quicker than traditional Hard drives and can breathe life into your machine. Are you looking to get more out of your workhorse? You may need additional RAM allowing more significant tasks to be carried out. Get in touch to see if your MacBook can be upgraded and prolong the life of your Mac today.

Get in touch for a free diagnosis of your MacBook

Get a free diagnosis.

“The best computer repair store I’ve ever been to. All the guys are nice and helpful. I had such a problem with my MacBook and they worked out the problem and sorted it for me. All for an extremely reasonable price. Highly recommended!.”