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  • Repair Terms & Conditions
    Netsystems infotech. Premium Gadget Support Service
  • “Netsystems” & applelaptopservice.center names owned & operated by Netsystems infotech.
  • Local service/VAT taxes extra
    If your gadget is collected for repair, it will take 2-3 business days for it to be repaired. It could take longer depending on parts approval and parts procurement delays.
  • For any further quick contacts & response
  • Mail “Request ID” to info@applelaptopservice.center or
    Track your Gadget repair status online; Visit: – applelaptopservice.center > Enter your request ID and get real-time updates.
  • If the gadget requires a part replacement, the part cost will be an additional charge. Our repair team will call you exclusively to take your kind approval.
  • If the gadget is given with NO POWER / NO DISPLAY / completely non-functional, only after our thorough check-up will we be able to revert with an exact diagnosis and list of parts gone bad? We follow a decision tree approach to repair the problem. Thus we may call you more than once to seek a revised approval of additional parts.
  • The repair/workmanship warranty stands for one month, subject to the gadget is not treated/opened/managed by any other vendor, post our last repair. Replaced Parts warranty is separate as per the warranty on each part.
  • In any physically damaged gadget or gadget with identified hardware damages, any part that intermittently works can completely stop functioning while we diagnose and resolve the reported issue/s. In such a scenario, Yaantra will not be held liable for returning the gadget in the exact (pre-received) partial working condition should the customer deny further repair and resolution by the Yaantra technical team.
  • Netsystems charges Rs 350 as our basic visiting charge if the customer declines our service or denies us picking up the equipment to bring to the TRC.
    In case we charge the complete service charge (let’s say Rs 1200), the customer’s equipment is brought to our repair center. The customer denies/does not approve additional repair charges, no REFUND of any kind is entertained.
  • In case the customer has provided the approval, and we are unable to source the part or not being able to repair it, we return the gadget with a minimum Rs 350 deducted from the total as basic quality charges.
  • Yaantra does not guarantee data loss and 100% data recovery. Data Back-up is a separate paid service offered by Yaantra, should you/customer desire to take on the service, it will be billed additionally. However for small volume of data (< 4GB), we do it for free. While, doing a free data back-up Netsystems does not encourage backup of music / Video files during its OS reinstallation or any other repair process.
  • The customer fully indemnifies Netsystems for any or all software/licenses validity/originality that the customer has on its equipment/device. Yaantra does not participate or promote piracy of any kind.
  • Netsystems advises all it’s customers to retain original Licenses for any or all application Software’s/licenses that are pre-installed on the gadget/device. Yaantra is not responsible for any loss of installed application software during the repair process.
    Per gadget refers to each/specific Mobiles, Smartphone, Tablets, iPhone, & device with, as defined in the final Invoice.
  • Hardware replacement rights are solely and exclusively held with Yaantra to install new or refurbished parts.
  • The part manufacturer provides a parts warranty.
  • Yaantra is not liable for any instance of pre-installed pirated software.
  • Hardware replacement is not included in the service plan.
  • The start date/end date – mentioned in the Invoice, defines the customer service period.
    All hardware repair will be carried out in our local Technical Repair Centre.
  • In case of loss or theft Netsystems will not be responsible for any data related issue. However, Netsystems will provide similar device or cost (MRP of that phone at that time) final decision will be of Yaantra.
    Please note that while collecting the Invoice ensure the request ID / invoice id is mentioned at all times
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    In case of any support, complaint, feedback please mail info@applelaptopservice.center

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