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HP Service Center Andheri

HP Service Center Andheri repair all kinds of computers but some of the most worked on computers are made by HP. Because HP is one of the biggest computer manufacturers in the world and Mumbai is no different. There is simply a huge amount of HP and Compaq computers in consumers’ homes, a large percentage of businesses have also deployed these computers.

Most common problems with these computers are related to overheating because of heatsink ventilation system getting clogged with normal use. Many people bring in their computers for LCD or LED screen repair & replacement as these computers hold good value and replacement of screen is often better than buying a new laptop. Power connectors also trend higher specially in older machines but systems manufactured in 2010 or newer have improved.

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We have extensive experience in fixing up any issues that keeps you from getting your work done. With most common parts available in-stock our turnaround time is blazing fast.

Some tips from our technicians: Biggest concern from our clients is when their HP stops producing display. If you have AMD based HP laptop and you can’t get display to work, we may be able to help. However, the problem rises from high level of heat produced by AMD chips and shared heatsink can’t push all that heat out of the case. This leads to the GPU getting affected, in most cases the graphics chip has to be replaced – it’s a complicated procedure involving direct board level repairs. It is recommended that HP/AMD systems are kept as cool as possible with regular cleaning of vents.

HP Service Center Andheri provides multiple methods for getting assistance when your laptop is acting up. Along with a redesigned website, help can be found on social media, via web chat and on the phone. We tested HP’s tech support by going undercover and asking questions to agents across its channels. 

Unfortunately, HP failed to bounce back from a lackluster showing in 2019. The HP support site, while full of useful resources, could use some optimizing. Also, some of the agents I spoke to were uninformed and, in one case, rather pushy. That said, others were great and HP’s social media team is excellent. 

We asked HP a simple Windows 10-related query: How do I download the new Surface browser? We also asked two HP-specific questions about reducing the background noise of the onboard microphones and extending the warranty of the laptop.

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