iPad Repair Near Me

iPad Repair Near Me

Having Technical Issues With Your iPad? Apple Laptop Service Center Can Fix All Common Technical Issues

Each iPad Repair Starts With Diagnostics To Localize The Source Of Faults & Apply The Correct Solution. Find iPad Repair Near Me.

  • iPad Battery Replacement
  • iPad Screen Replacement
  • iPad Logic Board Replacement
  • iPad Camera Replacement
  • iPad Charging Port Replacement
  • iPad Water Damage Diagnostic

iPad Screen Replacement

Whether Your iPad Has Suffered A Crack To The Screen Or Perhaps You’re Unable To Charge Up Your Device, We Know That You Will Want An Express Repair So You Can Go Back To Using Your Device In No Time. At Apple Laptop Service Center, We Are Dedicated To Delivering This Service To Our Customers. Our iPad Screen Replacement Service Takes Up To 24 Hours To Repair.

The Damage Usually Happens When You Drop The IPad, Bend It, Drop It Into The Water, Or Try To Replace The Screen Without Experience And Professional Tools. Apple Laptop Service Center Replaces The Faulty Part And Tests The IPad After Repair When You Bring It Or Send It To Our Store.


iPad Battery Replacement

A Battery In An iPad Is Something Which Is Absolutely Needed And We Don’t Have Any Option But To Accept That. Nothing Lasts Forever And Our iPad Power Cell Will Stop Function Correctly With Time And Eventually You Will Come To The Condition, You’re Your Handset Will Get Stuck On The Cable For A Whole Day!

There Is A Solution For This- iPad Battery Replacement. Swift, Efficient Way, Which Let Your Cell Gets Back On Its Feet Just Straight Away After Repair. Happily, You Don’t Have To Be Without Your Phone For Weeks Or Days.

If You Live Locally, Apple Laptop Service Center Can Do An Apple iPhone Battery Replacement In 1 Hour Only.

iPad Logic Board Replacement

Logic Board (Motherboard) Repairs Are Very Complex Since It Involves Various Components Such As ICs, Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes And So On. Only People Who Are Well Trained Can Perform Repairs On The Logic Board Since It Involves A Lot Of Precision Tools.

If You Have Any Issues Which Require Logic Board Repair Then Apple Service Center Will Pick Up The Device And Our Macintosh Engineer Then Diagnoses And Lets You Know How Much Time Is Required For Performing The Repair And The Repair Estimate As Well.

iPad Logic Board Replacement Generally Take 5-7 Days Of Time Since They Are Complex. If The Device Is Repaired Or If The Device Is Not Repairable Then The Same Will Be Returned To You At Your Doorstep.

iPad logic_board_replacement
iPad Camara Repalcement

iPad Camera Replacement

Apple Service Center‘s Technicians Are Trained And Equipped To Do The iPad Camera Replacement At Our Service Center. If You Have Any Issues With The Camera Of The iPad Then Your iPad Will Be Picked Up From Your Location And Dropped Back To You After The Repair Is Done.

To Guarantee Your Satisfaction, Apple Laptop Service Center Replace The Camera With The High-Quality Part. The Mounting Point Is A Double-Sided Adhesive, Exactly The Same As Apple Uses, And That Guarantees The Perfect Fit.

iPad Charging Port Replacement

Apple Service Center‘s Technicians Are Trained And Equipped With The Tools To Perform The iPad Charging Port Replacement At Our Service Center.

iPad repairs are complex and need a clean environment with the right tools to perform the repairs hence the device will be picked up from your location and will be serviced at one of our service centers and returned back to you after the repair.

iPad charging port replacement
iPad Water Damage Repair

iPad Water Damage Diagnostic

Let Apple Service Center‘s Team Of Tech Repair Specialists Save Your IPad From Water Damage. If Liquid Damages Your IPad, Your Device Can Still Be Fixed And Restored To A Fully Functioning Device.

The First Step In Having Your Water-Damaged Device Restored Is For Our Technicians To Conduct A Diagnostic Test, Which Will Show Them Exactly What Component Has Been Damaged By Liquid, Before Carrying Out This Repair, They Will Quote You On The Repair Before Carrying Out Any Further Repairs.

iPad Repair Near Me

iPad ListModel No.
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th generation)A2229 / A2069 / A2232
iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd generation)A2228 / A2068 / A2230
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation)A1876 / A1895 / A2014
iPad Pro 11-inchA1980 / A1934 / A2013
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd generation)A1670 / A1671
iPad Pro (10.5-inch)A1701 / A1709
iPad Pro (9.7-inch)A1566 / A1567
iPad Pro (12.9-inch)A1566 / A1567
iPad Air (4th generation)A2316 / A2324 / A2325 / A2072
iPad Air (3rd generation)A2152 / A2123 / A2153
iPad Air 2A1566 / A1567
iPad AirA1474 / A1475 / A1476
iPad mini (5th generation)A2133 / A2124 / A2126
iPad mini 4A1538 / A1550
iPad mini 3A1599 / A1600
iPad mini 2A1489 / A1490 / A1491
iPad miniA1432 / A1454 / A1455
iPad (8th generation)A2270 / A2428 / A2429 / A2430
iPad (7th generation)A2197 / A2198 / A2200
iPad (6th generation)A1893 / A1954
iPad (5th generation)A1822 / A1823
iPad (4th generation)A1458 / A1459 / A1460
iPad (3th generation)A1416 / A1430 / A1403
iPad 2A1395 / A1396 / A1397
iPadA1219 / A1337