Laptop Dc Jack Repair

Laptop Dc Jack Repair & Replace

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Laptop Dc Jack Repair

You may find one day that your laptop may not charge and discover that it is not the charger that is causing the problem. It is more than likely the DC Dc Jack on your laptop itself that has stopped working.

When you have a faulty DC Power Jack users normally experience:

  • No power goes through the laptop – no lights come on
  • Sparks and burning smell when plugged in
  • Charger only works if you hold the jack in a certain position
  • The battery doesn’t charge


Does your laptop charger work intermittently or you have to hold it in certain position or worst it doesn’t power up at all? Computerman can help. We carry out a professional DC Power Jack replacement service covered by 1 year warranty.

What causes the DC Power Jack to go wrong?

  • Daily use – the dc jack simply brakes off the motherboard or the connection becomes loose due to movement and plugging and unplugging
  • If you drop your laptop while plugged in that can cause excessive stress on the jack so it becomes loose
  • If you trip over the power charger that will cause similar problem as the above

At Laptop Dc jack repair we cover all brands and makes. The ones that we see more frequently are: Apple MacBook ProAirDellHPAcerAsus, and AlienwareSamsungMSIMicrosoft etc. ad, Asus, Lenovo, Samsung, Panasonic and more.