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What are you waiting for? First, find the model number, which should be on the bottom of your MacBook.

Put these details in the quote, and we will get back to you with a noted fixed price quotation for the repair of your MacBook Air Battery.

MacBook Air Battery Repairs & Replacements


We store a full range of quality new batteries for MacBook Air. We provide Speedy MacBook Air battery replacement services. 

Free MacBook dust cleaning

After a few years of use, your MacBook could accumulate a lot of dust inside. The dust will block the fans and reduce the air circulation dramatically, resulting in CPU overheating. CPU overheating may cause your Mac to hang, shut down or reboot randomly. A long CPU overheating will always damage the CPU. 

Here is a Few of the more famous models in the Apple MacBook Air laptop range we have been repairing.
  • A2337 Apple MacBook Air 13″ “M1” (Retina 13-inch, 2020)
  • A2179 Apple MacBook Air 13″(Retina, 13-inch, 2019)
  • A1932 Apple MacBook Air 13″ Retina Battery Repair (2015-2020)
  • A1466 Apple MacBook Air 13″ Battery Repair (2012-2015)
  • A1369 Apple MacBook Air 13″Battery Repair (2010-2013)

Before we change the MacBook battery for you, we will clean the dust inside your Mac, as the formation shows below. The photo on the left-hand side was taken before the cleaning. Dust cleaning not only restores the capability of your Mac’s cooling system but also provides a satisfied, dust-free environment for our technicians to work in.

We store a full range of quality new batteries for Apple MacBook Air battery replacement parts. So get a quote today for your Apple battery.